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I'm Matthew, I'm a Research Software Engineer, an AI and Physics graduate, a dreamer and a optimist; sometimes I'm a writer but usually I'm a geek. One day I may be a martian but until then I'm part of the Mars Society UK. More about me here.

Keep Calm and Carry on Coding

Check out my blog for stuff I'm currently working on.


Feel free to explore the site. It's a collection of things I like and software I've created. It's also a testbed for various ideas, and it's not always meant to be taken seriously! Enjoy.

My current favourite thing in the whole world is: Rust Programming Language. (It used to be: Arduino Robots, React Native, Researching, Autumn Colours, Red Dwarf X, Gamma Rays Bursts, PotterMore, US SE Road Trip, US SW Road trip, 10:10:10, Star Trek, Spacetime, Programming with Python, Proton smashing super experiments, and Long nights and dark skies.) - But it will actually always be Lucy. Miss you always hon.