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Coding is a hobby of mine, as well as one of the main parts of my job. Here's a growing collection of things I've written:


  • BBC News Ticker - An opera extension for speeddial showing the news. (HTML, javascript)
  • StereoImage - A selection of algorithms to display 3D images. (Javascript)
  • Ordnance Survey Maps - Mapping Forests with the Ordnance SUrvey API. (HTML, javascript)
  • CanvasZoom - examing very large images quickly and efficiently by zooming in. (Javascript)
  • Earth Clock - a new type of clock using the new html canvas standard.
  • Flickr Captcha - An experiment in captchas using photos from flickr. (PHP)
  • RemindPretty - A little Screenlet that reminds you to do stuff. (Python)
  • PhotoSS - A Photo screensaver gathering photos from around the web. (Java, C++)
  • RDLauncher - A Remote Desktop launcher. (C#)



This is a little screenlet that shows you a list of your upcoming reminders.

This program is designed for use on the Linux system running the program Screenlet, which is a widget controller system written in the Python programming language.

It uses the "Remind" program on Linux (created by "David Skoll") and prints your reminders separated into "Today", "Tomorrow" and "Future" sections.

You can download it from here and have a look at the source. Here's a little snapshot.
Screenshot of RemindPretty program


The idea behind this is to be able to display images obtained from various photo sharing sites around the Web.

Only very recently started this one, so in early developement. However it should run pretty smoothly on most systems. You can also run it as a screensaver in Windows.

You can have a look and download the code from SourceForge. To play with the code (java side) you'll need to have Eclipse. You can download the source code using subversion. Once you have both, select "import" and "General->Existing projects into Workspace" then select the folder called "EclipseWorkspace" in the subversion folders.

The program is designed to be extenible in both where the images are collected from (see PhotoShow.PhotoFrom), and how the images are presented (see PhotoShow.PhotoCanvas).

It looks something like this:
Animation of PhotoSS screensaver


This is a program to list and organise a set of remote desktop connections on a Windows machine.

It's hosted by Google code and written with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 in C#, it's released under the GNU General Public License v3 (GPLv3).

You can find more about the program in its own wiki pages here, other pages to come shortly. If you want to download some of the source you can go here. Have a look at the class Launcher and the class CreateRdpFile code to start with.

The program basically creates an RDP file then lets Windows handle what to do with it.


This is a neat little program to display PDF files and is designed to be a light weight replacement for other more mainstream heavier programs.

This also stored on Google code and is written in C and C++, currently just for the Windows operating system. You can see the project here where there's also more information.

This program was started by Krzysztof Kowalczyk and has been coming along rather nicely over the years. It's been released under the GNU General Public License v2, I've been able to make a few tweaks here and there, check out the revisions for the latest enhancements.

Screenshot of the program Sumatra