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Earth Clock

Sorry, it doesn't look like the canvas works in your browser.

The Earth Clock. (Using HTML5 Canvas and javascript, checkout the source).


This is an idea for a new type of clock, it uses the position of the Sun and the angle of the Earth relative to it to show the times of locations across the globe (well, currently just the northern hemisphere). I've decided (after many hours of deliberation...) to call it the "Earth Clock". It shows how the Earth would be shadowed if seen from a position above the north pole in Space.

As an example, this Earth Clock shows the time of:

all on the same clock face - The time at these locations is indicated by the lines emanating out to the 24 hour clock face surround the Earth.

The date is also displayed by where the Earth shadow terminus falls (the point between night and day), indicated on the outer circle of months.

There are a few caveats to note:

I have a few ideas on how to improve it outside of those improvements mentioned above:

This works correctly in Opera 10.5 and in Firefox 3. It should work on other browsers with canvas enabled. Here's an image on what you should see, taken at 22:21(BST) on 3 Jun:

This one is just an image (!), see the top of the page for real one.

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