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Things that take a little planning

Here's a list of some of the things you yourself can do to save this planet that shouldn't take much time to put into plan.

If you've got any idea's I'd love to hear them. Go here to add them to the list.

Re-usable bags

To cutdown on landfill, damage and reduce production emmisions try to reduce you plastic bags. If you live in the Vale of White Horse you can get free reusable shopping backs from them. Also, when grocery shopping, buy fruit and veg loose rather than pre-packaged or putting them in bags.

Household products

Companies like ecover produce goods designed not to impact the environment. Products can include Washing Up Liqud, Wash Powder, Dishwasher tablets, Toilet Cleaner and don't forget re-cycled toilet paper.

Light bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs use a fifth to a quarter of the electricity of ordinary bulbs to generate the same amount of light. So where you'd normally use a 60Watt bulb, you'll only need a 13-18Watt energy saving bulb. Here's a comparison of the different wattages.

Ordinary bulbEnergy saving equivalent

Drive better

Driving to save petrol is easy, it's all about accelerating, the less you do of it the more fuel you'll save.

Cycle more

There's no easier way to cut back on your carbon footprint by biking around. And it's a great way to get fit.

Reduce, re-use and recycle

Check your councils Website for what items you can put in your recycling box. If there are items you can't put in the recycling box, check out for the nearest Council Recycling centre and take them there.

Get a compost bin and compost any kitchen organic waste such as vegetable scraps etc.

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