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Things you can do right now

Want to save the world? Well I can't see why you wouldn't want to - so why not start with a few simple things you can do right this second, sitting at your computer.

Go here to add your own ideas.

Bills By Email

There always seems to be a constant flow of bills to my house - so why not stem the flow and let the paper enjoy its life as something else and cut out all that power its taken to get that bill all the way to your door.

Visit your electricity provider's, phone provider's, broadband provider's, water provider's, gas provider's, (other) provider's website now!

Stop Junk Mail

A similar one to above, but should cut even more letters out, especially if you're one of those mad people who forget to tick the "No, I certainly do not want to recieve the rubbish your about to send me" box on those countless luck prize draws...

Here's the british one: Mailing Preference Service

Switch to Green Electricity

Check out your electricity provider as they may already be running a program that creates electricity through green processes (like wind power or solar power).

Check out your own provider at their website.

Turn things off

An obvious thing to do - but really it's surprising how many people don't do it. Do you really need that light on? Do you really need to leave the TV on standby? Do you really need to boil that water again? And don't forget to turn off this computer (or other device) when you've finished with it! (but obviously not until you've read my other webpages!) - oh, and one more thing:

Don't use standby.

Carbon Offset

Or more simply: Plant more plants. This is a way off planting new plants to eat up some of the Carbon Dioxide (pollution) in the atmosphere. All you do is give up some of your pennines and a little piecce of land will be given up and planted up.

Here's one you can do: CO2 Balance

Support A Conservation Group

There are many charitiable organisitations throughtout the world that require support from indiviuals, international and local ones. It takes little effort to offer your time and even less to offer financial support.

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