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Harry Potter und der Feuerkelche

Origin: Austria

The fourth book in the series, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". It was translated by Klaus Fritz and the cover was illustrated by Sabine Wilharm.

The hardback version, pictured below, actually has two Harry Potters on the front cover. The first is a close up of him looking out towards the reader. The second sees him flying on his broomstick - the Firebolt - clearly in the first task of the tri-wizard tournament. You can clearly see the golden egg he's trying to snatch from the grip of the dragon, although it doesn't appear to be a Hungarian Horntail. There is also a row of large plants running around the book to the back cover, probably a representation of third task.

The back cover has a picture of the house-elf Dobby, covering his mouth with his hand.

Also note that the author name says Joanne K. Rowling rather than the usual J.K. Rowling - something I imagine she approves of.

Austria: 'Harry Potter und der Feuerkelch' book cover
Harry Potter und der Feuerkelche, translated by Klaus Fritz, illustrated by Sabine Wilharm.